Information for participants  

Who can participate

Trans Can Sport is open to anyone who feels their transgender identity makes participating in sport difficult, including people who are questioning or exploring their gender. 


We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable taking part in our activities! If you feel nervous about attending on your own, a member of our team can support you. When you book, just say that you’d like a buddy and we’ll arrange it for you. 


If you want to bring a friend, family member or ally with you for support, please let us know. We always offer activity spaces to trans participants first, but remaining spaces will be available for allies. 


You don’t have to be fit or sporty to join us, we have activities for all fitness levels. 


At the moment, our activities are only for people over 18 - there’s no upper age limit!

 Our venues

To ensure that Trans Can Sport activities are safe spaces for our participants, all of our trainers have had trans awareness training or are accompanied by a Trans Can Sport facilitator.

Our sessions are held in private studios and local sports centres. We don’t advertise session locations, so we’ll let you know where the session is and what facilities are available once you’ve booked. Whenever possible, we use venues with single shower cubicles and toilets.


To join us you’ll need to register and complete a health questionnaire. Email to register, and we’ll send you the questionnaire. We’ll review it and let you know when you can start booking sessions. If we need to, we'll ask you for a doctor’s note from your GP before you can attend any sessions. If you have any concerns around a health condition or injury, please talk to us! We’ll work with you to make adjustments if necessary.

Booking and attending

You need to book in advance if you want to attend a session. We don’t allow drop-ins and only people who have booked will be able to attend.

All sessions are run for groups between 4 to 10 people. Sessions will last about an hour, and you’ll need to arrive ready to start. Wear something comfortable and suitable for the activity. All kit specific to the activity, like boxing gloves or weights, will be provided.

Many of our fitness activities are free of charge. If you're able to, you can make a donation using our GoFundMe page to help us keep our sessions free or low cost. Some of our activities have a small fee, which you pay when you book. We’ll send you the bank details in your confirmation email.

Other information

For more detailed information about how Trans Can Sport works, and what we expect from our participants, please see our code of conduct.

If you want to know something that isn’t covered here, or want to register with Trans Can Sport, email us at and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

"Trans Can Sport is fantastic! Everyone is really up beat, enthusiastic and friendly. It really makes my day especially if I'm having a tough week. I recommend it to anyone!"

- Jack, participant

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