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 Code of conduct  

Trans Can Sport aims to create a safe space for everyone to enjoy. We will not allow any discrimination or prejudice on grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.

We acknowledge that there are many different ways to be trans, and that everyone’s experience of gender identity is different. We won’t ask you to prove anything or judge you on whether you’re ‘trans enough’. In return, we expect the same from our participants. We all make mistakes with things like pronouns. When this happens it’s fine to apologise, correct yourself and move on. However, Trans Can Sport will not tolerate any discriminatory, inappropriate or bullying behaviour towards participants or Trans Can Sport team members. Anyone who we believe to be acting in this way will be banned. If you have any issues or concerns, you can talk in confidence with Marquita or Rory in person or by email at


You can take pictures and videos during our sessions as long as you have the permission of all the other participants. If a participant doesn’t want to be photographed or filmed, please respect their wishes. Trans Can Sport may take pictures or videos to share on Social Media, but we’ll always let you know in advance so you can opt out if you wish.

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